ANZA Hope: Rough Kenyan Garnet in Maasai Pouch


Promise in a box: this is more than a rough garnet in a branded pouch. The handmade pouch, crafted of traditional Maasai shuka fabric and a beaded motif, supports the Tanzanian women who make them. The natural red rough garnet, 1-2 grams each (5-7 carats) could be faceted or enjoyed as a talisman, and supports the artisanal miners in Kenya who found it. And most importantly, $50 from each purchase will go directly towards a school lunch program for a Tanzanian primary school near a ruby mine. Each purchase feeds 10 students for a month. We just visited this school and saw firsthand the incredible effect of a nutritious lunch, improving their lives and test scores. Standard USPS shipping is included in the purchase price.

  • Includes 1 rough garnet, approximately 1+ grams (5+ carats) each
  • Includes 1 handmade Maasai pouch, made in Tanzania
  • Includes 1 100% post-consumer cardboard presentation box
  • Includes USPS Standard Shipping

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Weight 1 lbs


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