Lucky Star Green Garnet Earrings by Alexis Kletjian


Our very first pair of ANZA Gems earrings! These Lucky Star earrings from Alexis Kletjian hit the perfect note combining the classic elegance of 1 carat rose cut Kenyan green grossulars faceted by Peter Torraca and .25 carat old mine cut diamonds with her signature Lucky Star design featuring green grossular melee. All dropped together in a rich 18kt yellow gold, these earring provide just the right amount of sparkle. Proceeds provide funding for primary and trade schools in East African gem communities.

  • Matched pair of 1 ct rose cut grossular garnets from Kenya.
  • Matched pair of .25 ct old mine cut diamonds.
  • Green grossular melee.
  • 18k yellow gold.
  • Designed by Alexis Kletjian.
  • Cut by Peter Torraca.



These are green grossular garnets from Kenya. While many people are familiar with red garnet varieties, garnet can also come in shades of green, from pastel sage-y to vivid kiwi to a deep green that rivals emerald, called Tsavorite. On every buying trip to Kenya and Tanzania, ANZA Gems looks for green garnets: sometimes we find them, sometimes we don’t. With a hardness that works well for wearing everyday, and a refractive index higher than emerald, green garnets make a great choice in this color spectrum. Garnets are not treated or altered in anyway.


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