Rhodolite Garnet Pendant by Valerie Madison Jewelry


LilyEmme Jewelry designed this 14kt yellow gold bezel-set pendant to perfectly complement the center 2.87 ct rhodolite garnet sourced directly from Kenya. This is a signature cut for ANZA Gems by Beth Stier that emphasizes the vivid depth of its red-violet color. It is the perfect scale to make an impact, but in a wear-it-every-day-to-yoga-or-pilates kind of way. 10% of the sale of this pendant supports education at primary and gem trade schools in Tanzania and Kenya.

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This rhodolite garnet was purchased as a rough gemstone in Kenya.  Most of the gems ANZA purchases directly in Kenya come from around the Voi region in southern Kenya.  Home to elephants the color of the red dirt, this region produces garnets in nearly every hue in the red spectrum, from red to orange to deep purplish-pink. Garnets from this region typically have some small inclusions: most are difficult to see with the unaided eye and do not detract from the gemstone’s beauty. Garnets typically are not treated or altered in any way, and ANZA Gems stays true to that philosophy.